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How To STOP Your Company's Health Care Budget Overspend Dead In Its Tracks And Significantly Increase Profitability Without Passing The Buck To Your Employees.

This guide is for you if...

  • You think you are overspending on your healthcare budget… but you don’t have the information to identify how

  • You KNOW you are overspending, but can’t get an answer other than: “that is just the way it is” or “the only thing we can do is shop the marketplace” or “all we can do is reduce the benefits again”

  • You are tired of your employees complaining that their plan stinks and it costs too much… even though you know deep down that they are right

In this guide, you will learn...

  • How to identify what is driving your costs so that you can implement the correct solution to reduce costs

  • What solutions will help contain costs over the long term, not just for right now

  • How to design your plan so your employees also benefit from lower out of pocket costs and premiums (seriously, this is possible)

"Altiqe has taken care of us for 11 years. Allison and her team always helped us communicate our benefits to our employees in a way that they understand and can make use of. She also helps to make my workflow simple and as minimal as possible. She is the best!"

-Margaret Garcia

HR Director, Business Professional Service

"Allison and her team at Altiqe saved us over $100,000 on one claim in addition to helping us to lower our overall claims costs. She has also given us improved long-term cost containment solutions that benefit both us and our employees."

-Bill Cox

CEO, Cox Manufacturing

Allison De Paoli has been solving the healthcare crisis for employers who were sure there was nothing they could do to control their costs or make it a better experience for employees. She co-authored the Amazon Best-Seller Breaking Through the Status Quo: How Innovative Companies are Changing the Benefits Game to Help Their Employees and Boost Their Bottom Line. And, she was recently recognized as a 2019 Top Women in Advising by BenefitsPro Magazine.